The whole ground floor, consisting of former drawing room, parlour and dining room, is at your disposal for your event. The total of 90 m² can be converted into classrooms, a lecture or concert hall or transformed into a festive ambiance for family celebrations, company anniversaries or theme parties.

You and your guests enter through the elegant doors of the old manor. There is also an entrance for the disabled. Weather permitting, you can extend your event onto the 50 m² patio.

Grundriss der Veranstaltungsräume
Plan of the ground floor (please click to enlarge).
Eingang zur Villa Weingärtner
Entrance to Villa Weingärtner
Blick auf den Veranstaltungsraum
Meeting room
Blick in den Empfangsraum
Reception Hall
Seminarraum mit Flipchart
Room for small meetings and seminars
Die Teeküche für den Kaffee zwischendurch
Stilvolle Toilette
Toilet and shower
Gartenterrasse mit Gästen